Delightful Delectable Delicious

Delightful Delectable Delicious

Delightful Delectable DeliciousDelightful Delectable DeliciousDelightful Delectable Delicious

Our Team


As an USDA/FDA approved and inspected food factory, we produce a wide array of frozen Asian appetizers and heat-treated products. We manufacture in small batches with fresh ingredients whenever it’s possible to ensure quality in both texture and flavors. Each piece is expertly hand prepared under our stringent guideline to ensure the best quality. 


We have a dedicated team whose main goal is to give our customers complete peace of mind that our product is not only safe but also great quality and great tasting.  We have a comprehensive HACCP plan detailing operational quality standards and systems to ensure the  quality of each product.  


Our manufacturing process is strictly controlled at all stages,  from raw material receipt to final product dispatch. Procedures are rigorous and designed to ensure high standards are continually met. Proactive and dedicated Quality Assurance staff monitors production to ensure optimum product quality and safety. All finished products are checked to ensure adherence to strict specifications.